Chords do not swing

This is a real nit-picky thing, but it would be nice to fix somewhere along the way.

I have a project with a dozen flows. Several of the flows swing and several do not, so I cannot use the playback option for swing, as it applies to the entire project. I added the Medium Swing tempo marking to my flow. That works fine for all the instruments with regular notes. However, I have chords set for playback. If the chords fall on the offbeats, they are not swinging. They play exactly halfway between the quarter notes.

It is not a big deal, more a curiosity. And I realize the chords are system-attached rather than connected with particular instruments, so this probably complicates things. But if I have a swing tempo marking for all instruments, I would expect the chords to have the same timing.

In the example below, the trombone swings but the piano chords do not swing.
Chords don't swing.PNG

Yes, this has been noted here elsewhere on the forum (though I can’t find that thread at the moment). I agree this would be nice to add: I’ll talk to Paul about how tricky it might be.

Any word on this? It would be nice when sending out play-along audio for students.

It’s on the backlog, but I don’t know when it will be implemented, I’m afraid.