Chords in audience and MODS not visible (imported via media project from cubase)

I’m having some strange issues with chords visualization in audience… It looks to me that when I import a chords track from cubase (via media project) I can see them in the track and in the chords editor… not in visualizer. Needless to say that output is set to visualizer

There is something on top of the chords track and I don’t know how to remove it

The change in chord editor from sharp # to flat b is also not memorized

I just figured out why this happens… it’s caused by cubase… the show scales button has to be off before exporting the project…

I’m not sure though if this was the way it was supposed to work?

Just figured out that chords imported via media project aren’t visible in vst mods…

Did you try save VST Live project, exit, start over, and open saved project? Or restart the Mods?

yes . I tried different approaches…without good result. Deleting the chords track , creating a new one and manually input the chords is the only solution I could figure out… wish the chords input wasn’t so labor intensive :sweat:

I’ve tried to reproduce that one, but it’s working fine. Do you think it’s possible to give your Cubase project file (*.cpr)? I don’t need the media files. You can send it to m.spork (at)

Thank you,