Chords not playing back Dorico 4 Pro

Am not able to get chords to sound or play back. Was able to do so with versions 1 through 3.

In Play mode, select the Chords track in the track overview and activate the little speaker icon. Now, in the Routing section of the inspector to the left, choose the plug-in and channel you want to use to play back the chords.

Thanks but that does not work. Still silent

What instrument sound resides in HALion Port 1 Channel 1?

Thanks for jumping in to help…
HALion Sonic SE

Yes, but have you clicked the e underneath where it says HALion Sonic SE and assigned a patch to channel 1?

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Thanks. I don’t understand how to assign or what a patch is. Many thanks for helping

In your screenshot, you have the track below the Chords track itself selected, not the Chords track. Select the Chords track by clicking anywhere in the green area. Then open the Routing section of the inspector and choose which plug-in and channel you want the chords to play back using. Open te HALion Sonic SE interface by clicking the little e button and load the desired sound into an empty channel, then set the channel in the Routing section of the inspector to match.

Thanks for the help

After looking for the Routing section of the inspector (did not find it), I decided to create a new project. Closing the existing project, I encountered a dialog box asking if I wanted to activate playback and checked that. Chords are no longer muted! I’m not sure what happened

I’m having this issue as well. Under the Chords routing, the dropdown box is blank but it won’t let me select anything. The gear and e buttons don’t seem to respond.
What am I missing? Everything else is playing back.

Is there really no documentation on Play mode or am I just not seeing it?

There is currently no documentation on Play mode in Dorico 4. Play mode has been rebuilt; the documentation hasn’t yet been.

Is it possible to set up the allocated chords channel as a separate slider on the Dorico mixer?

If you switch off the Unused filter in the Mixer toolbar, you’ll see all of the outputs from your VST instrument, including the one belonging to the output for the channel to which you have routed the chords track.

Thanks Daniel.
I found that I also needed to change the output of the chords instrument in the Halion mixer. … I had both channels selected to Main. Changing the chords to Out2 gave me separate sliders in the Dorico mixer.
(Looking forward to publication of the Play Mode documentation.)

I still can’t figure this out. The drop down won’t open to let me choose a routing.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Do have anything loaded in the VST rack? By default it should show this…

If not. Reload the HSSE+HSO playback template.

Yes, I have that loaded:
HaLion shows up in the Inspector for every instrument except “Chords”.
Tried reloading the HSSE+HSO again, but no change.

Here’s what I have in the mixer:

OK. So click the Chord track to select it, then in the inspector click the Routing dropdown arrow, and then doubleclick the ‘—’ field. The dropdown should appear with 01 Dorico Bleep and 02 Halion sonic SE. Select 02. Finally choose an instrument slot in Halion for whatever you want to play the chords.