Chords Pad Remote Control

With Cubase 10 I can’t remote control the Voicing modifiers and the Tension modifiers with a CC in the Chord Pads.
Is it broken??

I have just tried to set this up and it does not work for me either - very frustrating.

Worked fine in Cubase 9.5

Can you let me know if you got it fixed, or is it a BUG ?

Really important for Workflow .

Yes, you too! Unfortunatly I think it’s a bug.

Thinking about trying to re set the preferences on start up for Cubase 10 , but if it is a bug then all that will do is waste time setting up things .

I use the midi learn feature and it recognises whatever the controller, but the active box keeps unchecking itself when ever you do pretty much anything . Even still, have not got it to work even right after the settings box is closed.

Have also noticed their is a new midi chord pad setting in the studio menu , under midi devices, but all this allows you to do is choose which midi devices use chord pad , and makes no difference to this function working .

Come on steinberg , this was working fine in previous Cubases !

Same here :weary:

Ok So i solved it . Had to reset the preferences, but does not work by the usual CTRL + ALT + SHIFT when loading up, as it will load up the last version preferences.

What you need to do, is go in to your %appdata% folder, steinberg - then RENAME EVERY VERSION of Cubase you have , with say an “X” in front, so Cubase 10 does not pick it up - i.e. “XCubase9.5” etc etc - Make sure to do all .

This then resets it properly , and now the remote device works as intended. Though means you will have to re do all your preferences etc - worth dragging one at a time from 9.5 and that may find out which preference in the older version was causing problems.

Let me know how you get on .

Thanks for the trick! I loaded the default profile instead of my personnal profile and now the remote works.
Two workarounds :wink:

Nice to hear :slight_smile:

Though dragging Midi patterns in to the chord pads causes it to crash :frowning:

Does not work here even with the default profile. Hope the first update will fix the problem, cause it’s a very usefull feature, me thinks !

Still not working after .10 hotfix, here. Anyone else ?

Not working here either after 10.0.10 update :frowning: Hopefully this bug is sorted out soon.