Chords recognition


I need help! :slight_smile:

Some chords are not recognized in Play mode. Does anyone know what happened? I deleted and inserted again. I moved the chords of original position but the problem keep. I think its occurring with chords I change before.


Sorry, Eric, I can’t quite understand what you’re reporting. Are you saying that some chord symbols that appear in the Chords track are not playing back when you play back your score? If so, check that you haven’t activated the Suppress playback property in the Common group of the Properties panel.

Yes Daniel. That is it.

I checked and Suppress playback is not activated.
Some chords aren’t appearing in the Play mode, although they are inserted in the write Mode.
Looks like the chords are not recognised in the Play Mode.

(If I to click on the chord symbol the sound is played. The chords are not playing when I play back my score)


Could you attach the project itself? If possible, please try to cut it down to just the affected bars and instruments.

Hi Daniel.

The bars numbers: 24, 31, 40, 41, 43, 46, 52, 53, 63, 68, 71, 73 to 76, 82, 84, 85, 87, 89, 92, 96, 100, 102, 104, 108, 110.

Bobagens.dorico (651.3 KB)

It looks like all the chords that do not playback in your project were entered as local ones (by pressing alt+enter, see the status bar when you select a chord symbol and you can see something like “Chord symbol (local) A#dim7”, bar 28 for example).
In a quick search i could not find this info in the online help but seeing this project i’m guessing that local chord symbols are not shown in the Chord track in play mode and also do not playback. I understand that local chords symbols are mean to be used togheter with global, so you should not need to use local chords symbols just for one player.
I think there is no way to change all the local chord symbols to global ones at once.
You can change one at the time by just selecting the chord symbol pressing enter to bring the popover and pressing alt+enter, that will change the local chord symbol to a global one, that will show in the chord track and will playback.

Thank you so much Rafaelv.
That is working now!

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