Chords slurs


I’m inside an orchestral score. Trumpets part. I have all 3 trumpets in one staff, it’s good to me like this.

Now, I have two chords, and I would like to have a slur for each note. If the notes are all on the same voice, Dorico applies only one slur. If I have three different voices Dorico puts two slurs together in the bottom part (or upper part depends on the chord), like the first part of the image.
Schermata 2017-04-26 alle 09.27.36.png
As you see in the image, in the second part I tried moving the slur myself in engraving mode, and that’s the best thing I could come up with, but it’s not that smooth and nice looking.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Because Dorico does not attach slur endpoints to individual notes but rather to the voice, so when you need an “inner slur” like this that goes between moving notes inside chords, then positioning the slur manually in Engrave mode is the correct approach.

Im working my way through an old vocal score I’ve imported from Sibelius (a story in itself!) where all slurred chords are topped and tailed with slur marks. There are no internal slurs in chords of 3+ notes, just a top and a tail. To replicate it accurately I’m taking the same approach.

I don’t know whether this is a common form of notation, but I have come across double slur marks for chords quite a bit. Might it make sense to have an engraving option for slurred chords to have 1) single, 2) top and tail, or 3) full slurred marks?

Not a priority as there’s an obvious work around, but it would save a lot of time.

In this situation I wish it was possible to make the slurs behave like ties. The default behavior of ties is pretty much perfect and if the slurs anchored automatically that way, very little manual editing would be needed.