Chords symbols are moving

Hi There,

I looked on the forum but couldn’t find any similar topics.
Something strange happening here, and it’s a bit annoying. When I try to adjust my slash region or extend/shorten gradual dynamics, suddenly chord symbols in random bars start moving up.
If I touch the chord symbol again and nudge it 1 step it goes back to it’s original position, but I have to pay attention and do it manually…

Videos here

Someone else experiencing this? I’m running Dorico

Thnx! Robin

I can’t say I’ve experienced this with chord symbols, but typically these sorts of glitches don’t require manual fixing: (saving), closing then reopening the project tends to put things right.

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I tried, but it’s happening to me on several projects. Started from scratch here and unfortunately it’s still there.

I don’t think I’ve seen that either, and it’s certainly strange behavior! If it’s any consolation, it looks like it’s only in Galley view and obviously there are other chord alignment issues in Galley too so hopefully it’s not too hard to ignore. If it happens in Page view as well, then it definitely is a serious problem.

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Looks like it’s only happening in Galley view, if the chord moves up and I switch to page view everything is fine. If I go back to galley view the chord is still out of place.

That’s really odd that it would still be out of place when you switch back. If it were just some sort of redraw bug I would think switching modes would fix it. I’m sure the developers would like to see a file where this is occurring. If you can cut down your project to just the area where this is happening and post it here, I imagine someone from Steinberg would take a look.


Okay, I isolated the region. If you are in galley view and you extend (shift-alt-right) the end of the lower slash region in the piano part, the chord on bar 17 should be moving… at least on my computer it is… I’m wondering if it’s happening on another system as well.

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Yep, I can confirm this happens on my system too.

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Thnx for looking at the file, wondering what’s going wrong there!

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Hi @robinrombouts , I have this problem with my project. Did you find out what caused it or any solutions? Or is it just to switch it to page view and return to Galley? Thanks!

I think the update to dorico 5 fixed it. What version are you running?

And for the solution… It’s just a visual thing. Switching between modes resets the position.

Latest version. Ok, I’ll switch modes when it happens. Thanks!

If you have an easily reproducible case of this problem, please cut the project down to the smallest chunk that still reproduces it, and attach it here along with steps for how to trigger the problem. If there are still circumstances in which this can go wrong, we’d like to pin them down.