Chords to XF chords Cubase PRO 10


I’m considering buying Cubase 10 but need to know if it’s possible to convert the Chord track to Yamaha XF chord symbols so instruments can read them. Please let me know it this is possible. It’s not possible to test this before buying because the trial version is the Elements version of Cubase and does not have all the features I need :frowning:.

Thanks in avdvance.
Jan Steurrijs

Hi and welcome,

I might be wrong, but as far as I know, it’s incompatible.


For me that would be strange because Cubase can read and understand XF chords embeded in Midi files. There are simple and easy to use Windows programs that can recognise and write the chord events in Midi files. When we produce Midi files, we always play a track with legato chord and bass notes. Cubase can use our tracks to create the Cubase Chord track so it would be nice if there’s a button to write the chord track as XF chords. Without such dedicated Midi functions Cubase is not the right package to use for Midi producers :frowning::frowning:


In Cubase you can drag and drop the Chord track events to A MIDI track to get the MIDI notes. This is possible.

Hi Martin,
What you described is the oposite direction :slight_smile:. I don’t need Midi notes. I already have these notes. I use these notes in our Midi arrangements to generate the Cubase Chord track. This works fine. Cubase put the chord symbols in the Cubase Chord track. What I need is Yamaha XF chord events generated from the symbols in the Cubase Chord track. Keyboards and synthesizer can read XF chords but they cannot read the Cubase Chord track. These chords are also not exported when you save the project as .mid file. When loading a .mid file with XF chords events, Cubase can read them but it seems that Cubase cannot generate them from it’s own Chord track :frowning:.


XF Chords are not part of MIDI specification, therefore they cannot be exporter to MIDI from any application. This is only Yamahas’ proprietary system. So if Yamaha wants to import it somehow, Yamaha has to take care of.

Same as Chord Track is Cubase specific and no other application can directly export data for the Chord Track.