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…and you are correct, there are cases where a MIDI track channel - when output to a plugin - forgets its destination channel, fixed with the next version. Thanks for reporting, and sorry for having been mistaken.

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Hello, I use a lot of midi tracks with Halion Sonic, I currently load one Halion Sonic per midi track. I don’t see the option to use just one Halion Sonic and route midi tracks there? Maybe it’s in the plans for the future?

That is exactly the plan.
But you can do so via Layers already; route your track to a Layer and use its Shared Instrument (Layer Instrument menu “Shared”).
Try this: Song 1, add a 2nd Layer and route to some specific Instrument, say Padshop.
Create a new Song, select “R” in the default Layer and agree to create a MIDI track. Set the Layer output to Shared/Song 1/Part 1/Layer 2/Padshop.
This way you can address any Layer.
To use MIDI channels for multitimbral operation, you don’t have to go through MIDI tracks at all unless you need to record the action; you can just use Layers this way.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Another thing, if I press the solo button on a track wanting to listen to it, then press it again to turn it off, it turns on the solo on all tracks!

Also, it is not always possible to drag the midi part from the track to the track above or below.

Hi @St.Sound,

I could not reproduce the solo/mute or the drag MIDI clip from one MIDI track to another MIDI track. Could you please install the latest 1.1.20 version and re-try it. Your your problems still there?

Thank you,

I install new version, but all these problems remain, I remind you, all my project i create in Nuendo, and then import media project to vst live ,included lyrics and chords, maybe this will help.


… ah, thank you. It’s fixed now.


… yes, we know that one and we will fix it, too. Thank you,