Chords track

Is it possible to add all the functionality of cubase in writing chords, like a
E7#5#9 or Ammaj7 ? In my opinion it is very important for writing and playing jazz music,and when you need to quickly replace a musician on stage.

is on the list, thanks!

Hello. I’m sorry if I’m repeating the topic. I don’t have time to explore the whole forum. I can’t drag the song from below to another place after exporting from Nuendo, if i try to copy the song and paste,it works, but the notes from the midi tracks disappear.

Аfter exporting from Nuendo, the settings of the mixer faders and channel outputs on midi tracks are not saved, after turning on the program or switching the song. The ability to control the volume on Halion Sonic, this is saved

On a pad track after quatize ends or lenght, when played, all notes are not played like in Nuendo, this is overlaping ! The only way to solve the problem is to make notes a little shorter. I hope it will be possible to make midi notes shorter or longer on VST Live

Cannot reproduce, several Songs, import Song, drag Song, all fine.

Cannot reproduce that either, could you pls. check again with version 1.1.10? If the problems persist, pls try to describe more detail so that we can see it too, thanks!

1 That’s all right on last version, Thanks ! There is a problem with
Chords and Sigature track
Overlapping chords, and when i’m playing, cursor jumps back !
In the start, 2/4 signature.

2 In the middle of one song chords start located not correctly
3 Sharps and flats mixed up

Will look at the time signature issue. Assume 4 bars 2/4 and then 4/4?
As for sharps and flats, each entry has its own setting for that, it is not a global setting, otherwise you could not modulate from circle of fifth to fourth or vice versa.

Yes, but for some reason my settings are not saved, when I go to the song above and go back, everything is reset and after a restart programm too. The mixer settings on midi tracks are also reset. On audio tracks it’s ok.And everything comes to short chord view and always flat chords

This is all saved in the project. Are you sure you saved and opened the same project?
Heres my test: new project, create chord track, Bar 1 C#, Bar2 Eb, save, load, all good, no?

Everything that I described above, happens after exporting from Nuendo, In Nuendo i use chord track with sharp. But after import to Vst Live always reset to flat. I’ll try the test !

Everything is fine with the test, Maybe my problem is that I either only have sharps or flats in the song

My view after restart

After restart, all minor chords look like a, c ,d, e,

even if I turned off the short button

We are fixing time signature problems with Chords, thanks for the hints.

Not in your picture…and I cannot at all repeat this, short button always switches the view correctly.

That makes more sense, we will examine this too, thanks!

After exporting from Nuendo, I always have short view chords, I turn off the short button, save, reload vst live, but I still have a short view !

The “Short” button setting is not restored when restarting VST Live, we have added that for the next version.

Hi ! I send midi tracks in mixer, to group track, after I restart or select another song and then go back, all my routing resets , not always but very often, what makes no posibility to work normally !

Did you save the project? And MIDI tracks cannot be sent to Group Channels, only if the MIDI track is routed via a Layer. Then it should be restored correctly when you load a saved project.

Of course I save the project, and I’m talking about midi tracks not in layers !

Sorry, my bad, assumed MIDI hardware output of your tracks. Looking into it right now.