Chords transposed for transposing instruments


If I enable chord symbols on a staff for a transposing instrument, like a Trumpet in Bb, the chords will be transposed as well,
when shown in “Transponsed Pitch”.
(The chords are correctly played in the “chord track” even if they are shown in the wrong key in the score)

For me this seems to be a bug.

Here is a simple example attached:

Thanks in advance.

Doesn’t sound like a bug to me.
Do your players read their notes as written (transposed), but chords in concert pitch at the same time?
As a player, I would totally expect the output shown in your transposed_pitch.png.

Yes, if the chord symbols were NOT transposed for (e.g.) Trumpet in Bb, I would consider that a serious bug. The player will want to see the chord symbols in their own key, won’t they?

This seems to be working correctly.

When giving it a second thought I understand that this is the wanted behaviour.