Chordsymbols für Powerchords on guitar

Amazing the new Dorico 3. Congratulations. A question: Learning Dorico, I tried some “normal” things, like adding chord symbols. I couldn’t find a way to write a (for ex. in Rockmusic) common symbol for Powerchords. Conventionally written as Root5 (C5; D5 etc). Dorico always comes up with Root no3 or Root omit 3. Theoretically this is totally right, but a C5 or D5 etc for Guitarists mean something different. Play a 2 or 3 note chord. Root a the fat 6 or 5th string add the 5 or if you wish the 5 and the 8.
No 3 or omit 3 can be everything.
Perhaps: is there a “secret place” to make it possible?
a very pleased new Dorico User

There are loads of options in Engraving Options > Chord Symbols, including one for 5 chords.

Ahhhhh yes. I had have a look at engraving options. Didn’t see it. Shame……
Thank you