Chris Hein Xpression Maps disappear

Why is it that every time I load the 3 Chris Hein Solo Violin expression maps into the expression library, when I close then reopen Dorico Pro 4, they are always gone and need to be reloaded again?

That is the expected behavior, unless you have a specific folder in your user library (the same user library that contains your own keycommands_xx.json file, where xx is your language). I’m sorry I can’t be more specific, since I don’t remember those details, the folder you must create —unless you’ve installed VSL playback templates, for instance — has a specific name and once it’s created you can add this kind of stuff and they become available in every file.

Thanks for responding , but I need more detailed information than that.
BTW Im on a Mac Studio.

DefaultLibraryAdditions is the name I was looking for. Create it in ~/Library/Application support/Steinberg/Dorico 4 and put your expression maps inside.

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