Chrome Audio?

I have a UR816c and when I have it set to the default device in windows, I have no audio from chrome. ? I even tried the loopback feature and nothing. I don’t even have a DAW open.

No one is having audio issues with chrome browser and the URC? I’ve nailed it down something odd, only mix 1 can hear browser audio, which is a bummer

Only output 1 and 2(mix 1) work in Windows…

But even with that, last night I couldn’t get audio from a browser. I had mix 1 on default settings and using headphone 1. No YouTube video would play Audio. And the windows device level showed nothing

I reboot today and it’s back. The volume of the system audio appears to be tied to the DAW fader in dspmixfx. I’ll try to narrow down what’s causing this