Chronix - Lessons Learned

This is a link to a lyrics video of my song “Lessons Learned”
I used Cubase 5 to record and mix the track.

For the guitar sound, i used a plugin with IR Impulse response because I have neighboors

Hello Alain, this track has a great sound. The guitars sound great, the drums sound great, the effects sound great, and I love the vocals. The only minor thing is the way the bass notes sound on some of the very low notes, but it was probably intentional, right? Thanks for posting.

Fantastic sound - the guitars in particular sound really good. Very slick video as well - I really enjoyed the words coming out like that, made me concentrate and stare at the screen. Hugely heavy sounding.


@Early21 : To be honnest I thought the bass are ok like they are. Makes me think about…
Anyway, great to hear you like it

@plectrumboy : thanks Steve

Very impressive! This was recorded in a home studio? It sounds like a pro recording.
There is nothing there that would give it away as a home recording. The vocals and instruments are all tight, and well mixed.
It’s a very well written song too.