CI 1 Dropouts


My sound keeps dropping out for a few seconds at a time. In all programmes, even windows mediaplayer. It makes a glitching sound, cuts out, and then comes back after a few seconds. Any ideas?

I’m using…
Windows 7 64bit
CI 1
all drivers are installed properly

I have exactly the same problem
tried practicaly everything different settings nothing has helped so far

STEINBERG please fix this


ps on xp dont have problems only win 7 64 bit

Hello you two,

did you installed the latest driver updates for the CI ?

Are you running a desktop or a laptop system ?



Greetings Chris.

I am running a desktop system with all the latest drivers for both my mobo usb and ci2+

any questions im here to assist in bug fixing.

Yea, Windows tells me I have the latest drivers installe for the CI 1. I’ve got quite a bit of experience with aduio software/hardware and have tried everything I can think of, but still can’t fix…

Oh, and I’m also running a desktop system…

I had the exact same problem when i got my CI. Was driving me nuts as i tried EVERYTHING.
Finally I was able to fix the problem by plugging it into a 5$ usb HUB that has external power.

So i guess the problem was that it didnt get enough juice. Hope this helps you!


This occasionally happens to me as well, but it’s always my stupid headphones and the adapter not tight in the CI. The primary reason Chris was asking whether you were working on a desktop or laptop is that your computer power cord’s box is capable of causing audio dropouts and distortion if it is close enough to the CI1. No clue why it’s not working with Win 7, as it works flawlessly in Cubase on Vista.

Edit: I found this a few minutes ago. Check this out.

Have posted this as reply in another subject but would like it as a reply to the others on this one.
I was suffering the same problems until…Have reinstalled the CI 1 via a Belkin F5U237 powered HUB and on initial tests have had no drop outs. It would appear that the CI 1 draws too much power from MOBO mounted USB ports which is causing the drop outs, it must be quite high as I only have a wireless K’Bd & Mouse off USB
Hope this helps.
Using Win7 64bit with Intel i5-750 & 8GB RAM

ill try that out when i get the chance to use a powered usb hub bit reluctant putting more cash into it as it has let me down a lot lately and i did work with older windows and same mobo usb port

Hi, i went thru the same annoying problem, audio pops and then cuts out for a few seconds, move the mouse and its worse. you tube videos constantly cut out, spotify cuts… tried all sorts of software updates, reboots… the problem is the CL1 box has failed… installed a Focusrite Scarlett, all problems gone. !!!