CI1 and Finale

I have just purchased a new WIndows 7 based computer and decided to go with the Steinburg CI1 audio interface. I have mixed feelings about my decision. The sound is very good when playing MP3’s, video etc., but is almost inaudible when playing my arrangements in Finale. In order to hear the Garritan voices I must crank the volume almost to ten which, of course, makes system sounds, and MP3’s unlistenable. The ASIO settings all seem to be correct, and the latency checker indicates that my computer should have no issues there.

So what do I need to do to be able to balance my Finale sounds with the rest of my sound files?

Thanks in advance!


Make your Finale mixes louder. Google: The Loudness War.

Thanks, but that was not the solution. The solution was simple. Ignore the Yamaha/Steinburg drivers and use the generic low latency drivers within Windows. Everything works perfectly now.