CI1 and FL Studio9

After much disappointment with SEQUEL LE 2, I decided to revert back to my original recording/mixing program, FL STUDIO 9. No ASIO seems to work other than ASIO4ALL v2, and it’s ALMOST perfect, save the fact that if I am listening to the track, I am experiencing some latency in my headphones from what I’m recording. (All other ASIO options are completely (mind the pun) fruitless.)

If I turn the CI1’s MIX dial from DAW, to INPUT, it’s fine, but how could I possibly sing in time with the music if I can’t hear it, and the only other option is my voice in the mix is delayed?

This is so frustrating it’s borderline disheartening.

Please help as I would really like to be able to do simple recordings like this by myself.


Of course you can always lower the latency through the slider in the ASIO4ALL driver, the problem is getting it low enough without there being glitches in the audio material. Your only other option would be to find a favorable mix with the INPUT/DAW knob, to get a healthy combination of both your background and vocals. (If you want to do that you will have to, of course, mute the vocal track as you record. :wink: )

Latency is an age-old problem with audio interfaces. Steinberg has actually come the closest to fixing it, save for some more advanced, and therefore pricey, interface manufacturers.