CI1 Not Working

Hey i have been having a problem with my CI1

I first bought it and when i got it all set up with the drivers and everything, i ran into my first problem. The sound from my computer would randomly drop out at times for a few seconds at a time, and it quickly became very annoying. After reading online how to fix this, i seemed to see a lot of things about my usb port not being strong enough. So then i went out to buy a 4 port USB hub where i could also plug in external power. So i came and plugged the 4 port USB hub into my computer and unplugged my steinberg CI1 from a regular port on my computer and plugged it into the 4 port USB hub. But now the CI1 wouln’t work. Thinking something was wrong with the 4 Port USB hub i plugged other things into in it like my mouse and keyboard, and they worked fine. So now something was cleary wrong with my CI1. I then plugged the CI1 back into the regular port on the back of my computer but it still didn’t work there either even though it did 10 mins ago. All of a sudden my computer just couldn’t locate the CI1. I reinstalled the driver twice, restarted my computer a bunch of times, tried different usb cables, plugged it in in every usb port that exists on my computer and I even tried it on another computer and it doesn’t work there either. Has my stienberg CI1 just broke down? Is there any way to reset it or anything? I hope someone could give me an answer, and really don’t want to drop another 100 bucks on another one

Address the dropouts here

ok well the dropouts are not really a problem anymore at this moment i was wondering if my steinberg ci1 is broken now? could it be?

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