CI1 Output

I recently purchased the CI1 interface. Installation was no problem. It’s working fine.
But there are a few preferences I am unable to set up properly.
I have an mid 2011 iMac, 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5. 12 GB memory.

I am using Sequel 3 as my recording software.
Prior to the CI1, I had the headphones out of my computer going into my speaker system. This was great. Worked fine. I could hear everything from my Mac on my speakers. My iTunes, my Netflix, Sequel, everything was coming out of my headphone out into my speakers.

But now that I have the CI1 installed, I am choosing it of course as the input for guitars and whatever, but now, I can’t hear anything from Sequel from my speakers. Everything else like my iTunes/Netflix/ etc… is still coming out of my speakers. Just not Sequel.

I’ve tried to find a setting so that I don’t have to use the Outs from the CI1 to hear Sequel. But I can’t find the settings to route the audio from Sequel to the headphone out on my computer. It makes me choose the CI1’s outputs. I really prefer not to have to purchase another set of monitors to plug into the CI1 just to hear audio from Sequel.

I have found a way to route ALL audio (iTunes/browser/Netflix) to the Output from the CI1. I suppose I can just hook my speakers to the CI1 to handle all of the audio out from the computer. I’d really rather not though.

In short, when using the CI1, do I HAVE to use the output on the CI1 to be able to hear audio from Sequel?
Or do any of you know how to configure the iMac to have the Sequel audio routed to the computer’s output and not the output on the CI1?

you have 2 choices 1 use the onboard soundcard and run everything through your speakers as you wish or 2 use the ci1 and have you speakers coming out of that , know other choices really

That’s exactly the thing. I can’t find the combination of settings on the Mac to have all audio coming from the computer’s sound card.

Sequel doesn’t display the option to use the sound card to output the audio. It only shows the CI1 as the audio output choice.

devices>device setup >asio and alter your asio to the internal asio driver :wink:

I’m sorry but I must be missing something. Where is this device menu that you’re referring to?
Is that in the Sequel menu or a menu on the Mac itself?
I can’t find where there is a device folder anywhere on the Mac.

The path he gave you is for Cubase. In Sequel I believe it’s in your options window. Click the little icon at the bottom left with the check marks. It’s the page where you adjust your preferences and change your colors. There you can access your driver options.

I’ve definitely checked there and yup, there is only the options to choose the CI1 as the input/output. No other options. Thanks for the recommendation though.

There should be a “Setup…” button somewhere around there or something similar where you can access the driver’s control panel.

I think you hit a limitation in Sequel,
I use a different software (Guitar FX Box) and I can set different setting for input/output,
For example I can set Input from CI1 and output to sound card (which seems like what you’re looking for), it doesn’t have to be both Input/Output with CI1, which is what seems to bother you. I suggest you look at how to do this with Sequel or try a different software.