CI1 powered monitor speakers

I’m using CI1 for recording and amplifying my playing. I hooked with XLR to a technic AT2020 condenser mike to CI1 mic in and line out to a home hifi system using AR (brand) Speaker. This home hifi system is about 20 years old model. My problem is that I got the sound only from these hifi system speakers but the sound is not amplified. I was told that to use a speaker system for connecting to CI1 it has to be a powered monitor speaker. Is that true that home hifi system speaker cannot support the CI1 ? Thanks

It should work …

How are you connecting the outputs of the CI1 to your hi-fi system? I’m assuming you mean a standard home audio type powered receiver and unpowered speakers?

Hi thanks for responding. the output of CI1 is connected to the home hifi system amplifier (Denon) and I selected the “phono” inlet. There was sound probably at decibel of 10 but I am expecting it could be at least 60dB. These speakers (of brand name AR) is not a powered speakers, if I could put that right. Just the kind of speakers that come with every home hifi system. These speakers do not use 3.5mm input jack except that there’s a nut to screw tight the open ended input wire. Well, there was sound albeit very normal at talking level or input level but did not amplified. My aim is to amplified to at least 50-60dB range.

A phono input is for turntables, you need a line input(sometimes called Aux input or CD-in or something like that).
The speakers can’t be connected directly to the CI1, but if they are connected to your Denon hifi system then that should work fine.
What other inputs are there other than phono?

Definitely don’t use the phono input! Look for an Aux input or a Line input of some sort.