CI2 + and a Midi Controller

I want to buy a midi Keyboard Controller from Behringer will it work with my ci2 + using Cubase 6 or do I need to buy another interface with midi in and outs thanks for your help

The CIs are strictly audio interfaces. A MIDI controller will not function with a CI. I would look into mixers/MIDI interfaces to do the job. If all you’re looking for is a MIDI interface, I saw some $20-30 ones from M-Audio a while back. Not all the bells and whistles, but has the MIDI In/Out.

Thank you Brother! I have a delta 1010 from M-Audio can I use the ci2 as like a Pre Amp out into the delta 1010 then into cubase Thanks again your knowledge is valuable to me my friend

PS dont have the 1010 working yet


That’s probably not the route to go. Your Delta 1010 has two preamps which are probably above the quality of the CI’s. If you still are looking to go this direction the only way I could imagine connecting the two would be with a mic or guitar cable from the inputs of the CI to the Delta (though I’m not suggesting this is possible). I’ve never tried anything like this before. What IS possible, if you’re looking for more inputs is recording with both the CI and the Delta simultaneously, in which case you would need to use the likes of the ASIO4ALL driver.

my delta 1010 don’t have XLR cable connectors only 1/4 guitar jack inputs 10 in and 10 outs and a MIDI in and out I want to use my Rode condenser mic to record acoustic guitar so what all will I need to make the 1010 a part of my studio gear

Well, combining the two interfaces into one will probably not work. However, using them simultaneously from different usb ports will. The first thing I would do is download the ASIO4ALL driver here if you haven’t already: If you have a superior driver such as Realtek then you can pass on this.

Another helpful device to have would be a usb powered hub with multiple usb inputs. This will expand your available usb plug number which is doubtlessly dwindling due to two interfaces and an elicenser. In addition, it will boost the power your interfaces can receive from your computer.

If you have configured your setup correctly, you’ll be set from there. If there are ever any sessions where you aren’t using both a MIDI device and a microphone, then you can leave one of your interfaces out. Really with the capabilities being in two different interfaces, there really isn’t a miracle solution. If you find this setup frustrating, $300 will get you a reliable two in one Audio/MIDI interface with whatever you need. Feel free to ask if you need more direction. :slight_smile:

Bane Thank you Brother I wanted to use the 1010 so bad but I guess Ill put it back in the closet with Tom Cruse thanks for the info your a good guy and I will get the other interface I need off Ebay I been looking at them all day and you made up me mind for me, Again thank you and P E A C E My Friend just having you respond is awesome Thanks for taking the time

No problem, my friend. Just remember to get one with phantom power. :wink: