ci2 Hearing static in headphones only from DAW

Hi Folks,

New user here… reading lots and learning lots. I am all setup and on my way but something is bugging me - when I talk into my mic (input two) or play my guitar (input one) it sounds fine in by headphones when the dial is turned all the way to input but I get static and crackling when I have it turned to DAW.

Any ideas? Please let me know what info you need from me to troubleshoot if its not a common setup error.

  • Barry

Hi barrolde,

have you tried increasing the Buffer Size of the ASIO Driver? What is it set to right now?


How far up is the input gain? Is your ASIO Meter and CPU looking good?

I kinda have the same problem, but only Input2 is not working with DAW, Input1 is fine.
Were you able to solve this?