CI2+ knobs and buttons.


I would like to know if those knobs and buttons at the right side of the interface could be customize inside windows (assign keys or functions to them) or they are just meant to work with cubase or steinberg software.



Anyone? Did someone buy this thing or i’m the only one around interested on it?

If the knobs can’t be customized the whole concept is very tied to the cubase, which is not very useful then.


I dunno this one likes the buttons :wink: … don’t over look that it might be very difficult to write a function that works with all DAWS seamlessly.

The missing link :
Not being a huge tech-head, but into writing and recording music, one of the issues I always seemed to have was that box that linked all of the various bits of equipment together to make it function as I wanted it to. I had the PC, the speakers, the keyboard, the guitar, the microphone, the earphones and Cubase, but it always seemed an issue to get them to work together as I hoped they would.

This box does all that for you and it works easily, quickly and (to date) without any problems. It links together all of your ‘stuff’ and works especially well with Cubase software (as you might expect - but it does). It also solved the latency issue for me, which I imagine if I am typical of a non techie person, appears to be a big issue for almost everyone. It makes dealing with latency easy, so you can use your midi keyboard one minute, and then be mixing another. It even helps to more accurately alter settings within Cubase using the ‘big button’ on the right.
Not a cheap item (I used my Nectar points to make it more affordable!), but worth it if you’re a keen amateur. It just takes so much hassle away.[/quote]