CI2 Mixer not recognised in Audio MIDI Setup


I have a CI2 Steinberg Advanced Integration USB Studio Mixer connected to a pair of Fostex speakers and I have already downloaded Cubase AI 5 but the Audio MIDI Setup on my Macbook Pro isn’t recognising my Steinberg device, resulting in me not being able to listen through my selected speakers.

Anyone know how to help me?


Did you install the driver that came with your CI2?
In Cubase/Devices/Device Setup/VST Audio Setup you can change the audio driver, make sure you select the steinberg driver there.
Next go to VST connections (F4, on windows machines anyway) to set up your in and outputs.
Let us know if and where you get stuck :wink:


Thanks for responding so quickly!

I installed the Tools for CI2 before the Cubase AI 5 disk, would that make a difference? What do you mean by driver? All I have done is put the CI2 disk into my MacBook and it won’t recognise and then I’ve installed Cubase. I have looked on Device Setup and all it says is ‘Built-in Audio’. Even with the Tools for CI2 disk installed it doesn’t recognise the Steinberg Device. I have uninstalled the disk and then re-installed it and restarted my laptop but it still doesn’t recognise it in either Cubase or the Audio Midi Setup on the Mac itself. Am I missing something?

Thank you

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Ok that is strange. I have no experience with Macs, but could you check of both of the below are installed:

  • Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 1.7.2
  • Steinberg CI2 Extension 1.2.1

These can be had from here, they may be newer versions than what was on your install disc.

I’m not sure if the install order makes a difference here, but that doesn’t really matter because it should work without the Tools for CI2 as well, that’s just for the Cubase control. The Yamaha USB driver is in charge of the audio connectivity so that should be enough to get started if I’m not mistaken.

So Cubase doesn’t recognise your CI2, but does your macbook recognise it? Or is it not available at all?

I don’t know what OS you have, but this might be relevant:

Support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
After the TOOLS for CI2 installation, please download the current Yamaha Steinberg USB driver from here.
Official TOOLS for CI2 for Mavericks will be available in February 2014

Yes the Tools for CI2 both installed those when I installed the disk. Both Mac and Cubase doesn’t recognise the Device, they both say ‘Built-in Audio’.

But I have just looked in the MIDI Audio on the Mac Audio Setup and it has recognised it there? Which I don’t understand because it should recognise it in the main display of the setup. All the lights are green on the mixer but on Cubase it just comes up that it is unmapped and theres not even a Steinberg option in the Device Setup.

I have a OS X 10.9.1 Macintosh HD, does that mean that I have to wait for a new disk to be released then?

Thank you

Just used your link and downloaded a newer version of the Tools for CI2 and now its working!

Thank you

Happy 2014

Nice, glad that worked!
Happy new year to you too :slight_smile: