CI2+ Output Hiss

Hello all.

I’ve recently bought a CI2+ which I’ve been very happy with while recording and monitoring with headphones.

However, I tried to connect the CI2+ main audio outputs to the inputs of my Alesis RA100 monitor amp, which drives Alesis Monitor One speakers. I had previously used these with an old Yamaha DSP Factory setup with no real problems.

The issue now is that I get a loud crackly hiss through the monitors with no appreciable audio output level, no matter what volume settings are made either on the CI2+ main out control and the amp’s volume controls. Neither phantom power or the Hi Z input switch are selected at the time.

I think the problem is that, as I understand it, the CI2+ outputs are balanced and the RA100 inputs are unbalanced, so the simple 1/4" jack patch cables I tried to use aren’t right for the job. My plan is to wire up a balanced to unbalanced cable with jack plugs on each end, which I hope will fix the problem.

Would I be correct in using a TRS 1/4" jack on the CI2+ end and a TS jack on the amp end? If so, which way should the wires be connected? I haven’t been able to find out specifically how the CI2+ main outs are connected.

Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.



No need to change cables, if the receiving end is unbalanced, the CI2 output will be unbalanced so TS-TS cables or TRS-TRS will both work fine (The latter doesn’t change anything).
You are saying that the hiss does not change volume when you change the CI2 output volume? In that case try moving the cables away from any power cables, transformers etc, see if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the reply, Strophoid.

I’ll rearrange things so there aren’t any power cables and so on around.

I sent a message to Steinberg support here in Australia and they said balanced TRS cables were what I needed, so I’ve ordered some. If that turns out not to be the issue they’ll be handy to have around anyway.


Just an update for anyone who may be caught out with this like I was - it turns out the hiss happens when my recording computer, a Leader laptop, is plugged in to its external power supply.

Unfortunately, as it sucks quite a lot of power that’s going to be most of the time, but at least I know what’s causing it and will be able to turn off the charger when mixing.

The distance of the charger or the laptop or the orientation of them with respect to the monitor amp doesn’t seem to make a difference, which I suppose means the signal must be travelling into the amp via the CI2+ output cables, so I may be stuck with noisy monitors. It’s not that bad with respect to overall signal level, just annoying.

I’ll try the balanced leads when they get here, might make a difference.