CI2+, thunderbolt and Lenovo dock

I use a Lenovo X380 Yoga laptop with my CI2+ soundcard.
Today I bought a Lenovo Dock Gen 2 which uses the Thunderbolt port on my laptop.
But connecting the CI2+ on one of the USB 3.1 ports on the dock, gives me a “dead” soundcard, it doesnt light up green, as it does if I connect directly to the laptop.

Any suggestions if CI2+ cannot use USB3.1 ports, or if I need to install something else for the soundcard to be recognized through the dock?

I don’t have that combination of devices, but I have observed that audio interfaces do not work properly via a dock. In my case it’s a Dell WD19TBS dock with an HP Spectre laptop.

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What I find strange, is that I until now have used a much cheaper UNISYNK USB-C HUB with both USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports. The audio device worked fine, but sometimes gave me problems with audio dropouts - thats why I wanted to try a better dock with thunderbolt 3 - but that was no success so far.

After trying almost everything, I finally found the solution - I think.
The dock didn’t even recognize any USB-device, not even a memory stick connected to the USB-ports.
It seems that the Thunderbolt functionality via the USB-C port wasn’t enabled in the laptops BIOS.
After changing settings in BIOS referring to the Thunderbolt port, I finally got signal from the dock, and the CI2+ audio unit, also got a green light - and now works.
Maybe any new laptop has its Thunderbolt system turned off as default, and requires changes in BIOS to be turned on.

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