ci2:where is the activation code!?? (32 digits XXXX XXXX...)

I bought CI2 and get Cubase AI5 together. I made installation of AI5 and drivers for CI2 (Windows 7/64), I made registration but I can not finish activation of permanent licenses. I downloaded the latest version of eLCC. In eLCC Help it is written to enter the Activation Code provided with your product but I can not find that number (probably 32 digits according to 32 XXXX digits on new window which appeared when i click Enter ACTIVATION CODE) .

I complained to a dealer and he answered me: “There is no activation code required for Cubase AI 5. I believe that the activation code is required to upgrade to a different version of Cubase 5. None of the other CI2s that we have include an activation code.”

So, what is right? Does CI2 comes with Activation Code for AI5 or not?

and how the f… do i get started making music ?

a very distressed damsel…

please help!

I think you need to do a “Request Permanent Activation Code” through your MySteinberg account. Go to Activation & Reactivation and follow the instructions.