CI2+ will not pick up my microphone

I am confused, I have looked into this and see that some other people have had issues with this as well. I installed and registered all my products correctly, but now when I start Cubase AI5, my CI2+ will not pick up my Blue Bird microphone. I can hear in my monitor if I tap the microphone screen, but the moment I try to sing into the mic…Cubase or the CI2+ doesnt even acknowledge that there is any sound going on. I thought this was possibly a driver issue, but it is not mentioned in the manual at all. I am not going to lie, I am new at setting this stuff up. It may be an error that I have done. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Remember to turn phantom power on. Do the levels in the mixer rise when you sing into it? Here is the basic routine for setting up inputs in Cubase. I type this so often I am contemplating moving this to my sig.

  1. Confirm that your device is active in the driver. (In your case you must be using the Tools driver which should automatically select you ci2+)

  2. Check VST Connections (F4) and confirm that your inputs and outputs are properly selected.

  3. Choose the appropriate inputs and outputs in your audio track’s inspector.

  4. Monitor.

These are the basics for configuring your setup. If you’ll give more details, we can help you get it all straightened out. This is not a bug with your interface or mic, but rather a communications gap somewhere in Cubase or the DAW you are using.