CI2+ with Halion Sonic issues

Hello all,

I’m currently running a trial license for Halion Sonic 1.5 that came with my cubase 6.0 license

I encountered the following issues when using the CI2+ to load programs into the Halion sonic:
1): Halion sonic opened (edit) from Cusbase 6.0

  • when I push the AI button I get a menu/filter for the current selected program in the multi program rack and i can select the desired instrument by using the scroll wheel and previous/next button. Everything ok, but:
    A: only the additional instruments from Halion Sonic SE pro are selectable, all the others (from Halion sonic SE basic, etc), are not visible. When using the mouse for loading the program, you get a nice interface (not like the one you get when pushing the AI button) and you can select all instrument sets. This means that roughly half of the instruments are not visible from the Ci2+ triggered program filter.
    B: The AI scroll wheel or the previous / next button do not work when you want to step through the multiprogram rack, e.g. from program 1 to program 2

2): Halion sonic standalone
The previous/next button do work here in the multi program rack, you can step from one program to the other, but pushing the AI button has no effect at all, no program can be selected using the CI2+

Has anyone an idea whether this behavior can be changed, or is it just a fact that the CI2+ in combination with Halion is just not working well?