Hi, i’ve installed CI2+ on my computer (at home!) to work with my yamaha-keyboard. I had to registrate my CI2+. Now I want to install my CI2+ in my laptop to work in my studio, but it doesn’t work, because it says, that I can install my CI2+ only one time. Is this correct? How can I install the CI2+ also on my Laptop.


(my english is not very good, I come fom germany)

Hallo dungeonkeeper,

das CI2+ kann auf beliebig vielen Rechnern installiert werden. Hierzu müssen nur die Tools for CI2+ installiert werden.
In welchem Kontext erscheint denn die Meldung, dass das CI2+ nur einmalig installiert werden kann?

Viele Grüße,
Stefan Schreiber

Hello, I need urgent help:

                                            I have a CI2 with Cubase AI5 Noise Ratio and generates a strong, constant interference when recording or when I want to play music. Already depleted resources about Electricity, since I have a wired connection to ground, also install the latest drivers, change with Cubase 5 and the noise persists ... I check the machine with a technician and find no loss of energy ... Subi latency at the suggestion of the board, but nothing. I would be grateful to give me a help because the need ... The USB generate noise? Have something to do with my external card internal card machine that produces interference?