CineBrass Bundle - Selection of Expression Maps

I confess that I was unable to resist picking up the CineBrass bundle during the recent Cinesamples sale. I decided to create reaticulate reabanks for Reaper and also a basic set of expression maps and a playback template for Dorico 4. These use shared expression maps where the articulations and keyswitches are identical. I also used note conditions to attempt to select appropriate short note conditions. No doubt others will be able to improve on my efforts.

These cover a selection of the articulations from instruments in CineBrass Core, CineBrass Pro, Descant Horn, Horns of the Deep and Sonore.

The pt exceeds the 4Mb limit so I can’t post it here but I’ve attached the expression maps in case anyone is interested.

Cinebrass (15.0 KB)