Cinebrass - Playback offsets


Curious as to who’s using Cinebrass (Pro) with Dorico? I’m slowly getting to grips, setting up some expression maps…
Some playback offsets are needed to get everything in time, and although quite simple to set up this would be a great addition to have it available as an option in expression maps. Any chance this is coming?



Jussi L.

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It’s certainly still on our wish list for the future, yes, and we will certainly implement it at some point.

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Even though this would only be used “after the fact”, I would be very curious to know if some of the Dorico Power Users on the forum believe it is possible to set up a key command that, once an item on a staff is selected, performs a “Playback Start Offset” and “Playback End Offset” by a pre-fixed value.

For instance, a “Cinebrass Trumpets” key command containing the offset values for the trumpets, and so on. Or perhaps even an entire “Cinebrass” library value that’s applied across staves.

Sure. You’ll need to graft it in manually (see out of date primer here: Dorico 3 - Keyboard shortcuts for microtonal accidentals? - #5 by pianoleo)

kEventPlayStartOffset and kEventPlayEndOffset

Thanks so much @pianoleo. Do I get it right that not only this key command would have a pre-defined value but also apply to all notes on the selected staff even though only a single note is selected? I’m going to read the primer today.

No, all it does is set the value in the properties panel, just as if you’d typed it in yourself. That means that it’ll only work if the correct type of selection has been made for the Notes and Rests properties to appear in the properties panel (though it doesn’t matter whether the properties panel is open or not). Specifically, it’ll only work if the only things selected are notes and rests; that means either you’d need to Filter Notes, then potentially Filter Deselect Tuplets and Grace notes if either of those are still in the selection, or alternatively you could select a note (in each relevant voice) and use Select More.

OK, thanks. I was thinking of it as some kind of a macro that performs several operations in sequence (e.g. select “more”, apply offset, etc), but I suppose it’s best to wait until the team implements something… Thanks, Leo

You could certainly record a macro that does all of that.