cinematic + electronic - Cubase with Reason


I use Cubase 8 with Reason 8 and have East West libraries.

I made some orchestral mix with electronic music - Cubase and East West are great for soundtrack score , Reason is the best in electronic parts - this is of course just my opinion!

I have no idea how to mix and master that song, I use rather cheap headphones and old speakers…

Take a look:

This is my first “serious” song.

Thank You for Your time!

The mix is a touch messy. But that’s not an issue to me. I can’t grasp the drama here. Film music needs highs and lows, and the build to and from each. What I hear with this track is an energetic line with an interesting progression over the top but both repeat without enough emotion being added. I liked when the high strings came in but they, too, disappear just when I want them to be developed.

I’m probably being over critical but I do know my film music and I’m always looking to something new.

I do like your choice of sounds.

All the best


Thank You for Your opinion! Yes - mix is messy - I know little about mix and mastering… But future releases will be better - I hope!

My inspiration was Dark Knight end theme by Hans Zimmer, so entire song should be one piece of music (I would say “self sufficient”) - it is rather not typical soundtrack… I admit “cinematic” description could be confusing…

I begin to make soundtrack for indie computer games - so Your opinion and criticism are welcome - unfortunately - I struggle with the lack of time for music…

Take care