Cinematic Studio Brass + Woodwind playback templates

I have just made a playback template for Cinematic Studio Brass and Woodwinds. It uses most of the samples (except for double tonguing) and features an intuitive system for choosing between staccatissimo and repetition shorts of fast staccato patches. I also am working on the template’s ability to switch to a marcato-legato patch for runs (it works but it will also trigger during a normal legato passage and throw off the realism, you can enable it if you really want to). I also am planning on adding an expression map for Cinematic Studio Strings, Cinematic Studio Solo Strings, Cinematic Studio Piano, and eventually Cinematic Studio Percussion (when it’s released). I only own the brass and woodwind library and while I am planning on doing all of them It is not feasible right now. I hope you all enjoy it and if you make any changes and want to share let me know!

You can download it here: Cinematic Studio Series.dorico_pt - Google Drive


you seem to have some ideas along the same lines as me but my implementation is rather different for the main area in which decisions have to be made and that is the automation. I use CC58 wherever possible in the EM, not only because SC recommends it but i find it works more reliably. With brass and woodwind, I could still do with more testing but it seems the combination most likely to give good results in the largest number of situations uses a three way automation as follows:
natural medium and above CC58,1 as the legato patch is quite flexible up to moderate or fastish speeds
natural short CC58,21 which is the staccato patch
natural very short CC58,11 which is repetitions. This seems in most cases to be preferable to staccatissimo as you have chosen but of course it can depend on the sort of music and all automation lengths must have obviously backups in the EM for manual selection for where overrides are needed.

The strings are a bit different as spiccato replaces repetitions and indeed probably have too much attack to include in the automation. At present, I only use legato and staccato for the string automation. I doubt I’ll do much more on this at present as the updates for brass and strings should be out before too long which may possibly change things.