Cinematic Studio Strings Multiphonic Expression map

I’m a relative newbie with expression maps, and I am having some trouble getting CSS to play multiphonic passages with my current expression map. I’ve been using an expression map made by another wonderfully helpful user on here, and this is what it currently looks like:

According to the CSS manual, the CC value for non-legato is 81-85, which this expression map seems to have set, and yet it is currently playing double-stops as two separate notes in quick succession. What am I missing from this expression map that doesn’t seem to trigger the double-stop playback?

that CC is for Legato off

I kind of gave up on Dorico, so I will create an expression map that will link each articulation to Absolute channel changes.
for example, 1-1 is marcato and 1-2 is legato and 1-3 in Kontakt will be pizzicato
I think it takes me longer to do it however the payoff would be sweeter…easier transitions between pizzicato and legato passages as well.

Hope I made sense.

I didn’t see this at the time so I expect you’ve fixed the problem in the meantime but just in case…

I don’t know whether you were using my EM’s (certainly I currently use patches named multiphonic and homophonic) but it works fine here. The only thing I can think of is that you aren’t cancelling the homophonic/legato. Do you have an mutual exception group homophonic/multiphonic? Did you try simply putting “ord” before the multiphonic?

Incidentally, I expect you’ve already downloaded the new strings update for this library. I’ve been tying out old projects but don’t so far see any change in the programming to the library which would require a change to the EM

Oh – just looked at your screenshot and realised that you haven’t actually written in “multiphonic”. The mere fact that there is a chord there will not make Dorico trigger the patch change! Of course you can hide the articulation in the score if you want as human players obviously don’t need this.