Cinematic X-Stream Preset: Low Ambience

Recorded a note on my cello and messed around with it. Not 100% sure what I’m doing with this software, but I know the basics of EQ, what blur sounds like, sample editing and looping, etc.
Low Ambience (CSTRING).vstpreset (68.3 KB)
I had to go into the library to find this lol
Anyway, you can use it for your own things if you want, but I doubt you’d want to.


Hi @hamsandwichnow,

thanks for sharing!

Encountered an error, though: after adding your preset to my HALion user presets folder, it seems as if HALion / X-Stream can’t find your originally recorded chello WAV file (please see the screenshot).

Your preset file is about 69 KB in size, whereas your *.WAV file should be ca. 2,1 MB in size. So without also having that audio file, your preset won’t work the way you hear it on anybody else’s machine.

Could you provide the Cello.wav somehow?


Ah, okay. Didn’t realize the file wasn’t in the preset. Will attach later.
I know I misspelled Audacity :joy:

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It was a wav file so I zipped it.

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Hi @hamsandwichnow,


Well done.
A very nice and naturally bowed cello tone…
Your preset within X-Stream turns it into a really convincing deep space sound.

Of course one can spend hours of editing all the sections in X-Stream, make things wider, restrict the “spectrum wandering”, change LFO frequency, use various Matrix triggers, or even make some step sequencer modifications.


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