Cinematique Guitar Harmonics Essentials is free.

Use the fairly new HALion Library Manager to relocate the content. It’s its own separate program on the Start Menu.

What to do when the email containing the activation is not sent? Even after waiting for hours and days, and trying again, no email is sent. (Nothing in the spam box too…).

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Wish I knew. I did submit a support request.

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Many thanks for your reply Prock. Did you received a reply from them?

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Yes I just received a reply (in only a few hours… nice!). It instructed me to use the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA) to get/install them. No mention about an activation code… so I’ll see what happens later when I get back to my PC and try to install them.

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OK… So I downloaded via the SDA and installed without issue. Now, of course, I need to activate them.

Most likely by entering activation codes that probably were supposed to be sent to me via email which I never received. Ugh! :unamused:

So I replied to Adrian, the support tech who answered my original support request with another question about the activation codes.

I wish it wasn’t true but, nothing is easy in this world.

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Let’s keep in touch about how it goes for you. I fear that without an activation code needed by e-licencer, it will not work.

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Reporting how this was finalized for me…

Per instructions provided by Steinberg support (through a reply to my submitted support request) I downloaded and installed the free Guitar Harmonics (& Alto Glockenspiel) VSTs using the SDA (Steinberg Download Assistant). They installed with no issue but, they would not work as I needed an activation code. So I submitted another support request. Today I received an answer to that request. It listed activation codes for each of the free VSTs. Then I went into the eLicenser Control Center, clicked on “Enter Activation Code” and copied/pasted the code provided. Then I clicked on the “Download License” button. That installed the license and it is now listed in the eLCC. I also did the same procedure for the other free VST.

Now, all is good. No more warnings when I start Cubase. And the VSTs work. Done, fat, and happy. :wink:

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Hi Prock,

Thanks for your reply. That was expected. I understand that I will need to contact Steinberg support to get the activation code. That’s boring because we are supposed to received the activation code by email, not after installer SDA and then contacting the support team!

I’m happy that all is good for you now.

So thank you again for your posting. Have an Happy New Year coming!

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