Ok so I’m new to recording, mixing (and obviously mastering).

I put this toggehre today on #SoundCloud

Feedback and tips are welcome. I know the drums are too loud!

Sounds like you’ve captured a lot of reverb (may be the thing you’re after) but for a tighter sound try close-micing for a more upfront feel. Nice song btw

Thanks. I’m having a few issues with my (condensor) mic.

The feel I was hoping for was a crisp feel - like the main guitar on Harry Chapins ‘greatest hits’ album.

I’ve got so much to learn!

Aloha S,

I’ve got so much to learn!

A beautiful place to be.

Nice groove.

1-(as Jrace posted) A lil less reverb on the drums.
2-Bring the guitar forward a bit in the mix.
3-The crash cymbal every two bars is a bit much.
Try every four or eight bars for the crash.
4-More more. We want more! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

I haven workers out how to use beat designer (yet), so im just using the Alan Morgan sounds. Is there a good video about how to do it? Most of the vids involve using some other tool I don’t have.

I’ve got bucket loads of songs and am gradually getting around to laying them down.

Im finding it hard to have the guitars 'in front, sometimes their too loud others too soft and its driving me bat shit crazy.

Question : is it a good strategy to leave effects until the mixing stage? So record everything then go about adding chorus, reverb, overdrive, delay and stuff?

Most folks do it that way but you will find that there is only one hard and fast rule.
'If it sounds good, it is good. No matter what it takes to get there.

And very often doing the ‘wrong thang’ can lead to some very unique and interesting results.
That’s how we move forward.

My suggestion is to learn the basics (like your question above) but don’t be afraid to try new stuff.

Push and then push harder. Test yer limits. Work hard! Have fun! You are makin’ music (magic) man!

How kool is that?


i live my life always questioning dogma.

I’m pretty lucky that i grew up in a religious home where I was encouraged to doubt and question everything. I find adding fx as i go along keeps my creative juices flowing.

Since I have multiple songs - do I work on them ‘at the same time’, or record all the tracks of one song at a time?

stick at it man, youll get where you want to be in time .regarding how you work on tracks ,i dont think there are any rules unless you have to work to a schedule ,i have lots of completed and uncompleted songs ,i will listen through the uncompleted stuff now and again and see if it inspires anything ,but i will not forget about them they are always in the back of my mind.

This message board is great :slight_smile:

dont hold your breath ,it has its moments but it is very quiet a lot of the time. its not quite a dead forum yet ,but needs a prod now and again other wise rigor mortis may set in .trying to change the forum format didnt help a while back .

I’ve been on quite a few boards since 2005 and have seen many of them die a slow death. It’s a tricky business.

But then again, I’ve seen a few redirected :slight_smile: