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I received my CL5 console a few days ago, and have installed Nuendo Live on a PC (Windows 7 32-bit). That’s working fine - I can get it to playback to and record from the Dante network connected to the CL. Right now I’m just using a direct connection between the two - without a switch/router.

But I can’t get the CL extension/integration to work. I have installed the CL extensions downloaded from and run the installer which did its thing and everything looked fine, but I can’t see the extension anywhere - not in Nuendo, not in Windows and the console doesn’t see Nuendo in its control screen.

I can’t find anywhere in Nuendo Live where I can activate or configure the CL extensions or anything. Should there be such a panel somewhere? Or should it “just work”? Becuase that’s what it sounds like when reading the CL Owner’s Manual which more or less just says “run the installer, and now Nuendo Live can be controlled from the console”.

I’m assuming it’s supposed to work over just the Dante connection, right? Or do I need to setup a seperate control connection of some sort?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!


Hello Frederik,

first of all, please check if the “cl_extension.dll” is installed in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components”.


Same problem ! And yes this file is there.

Hello Timo,

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, the file is there exactly as you described (except that the folder “Program Files” is called “Programmer” in my Danish version of Windows - but I don’t suppose that has anything to do with it…?)

Is there any transport information visible like in the screenshot? If so, the connection should be established.

No, that screen looks and behaves exactly like it does when nothing is connected to the console.

Thanks for taking the time!

Have you updated the firmware as well? This is needed for it to work. The latest version is 1.11.

Yes, the first I did was update to 1.11 - and the Dante firmware too…

Thank you for the info! Yamaha is also monitoring this thread and they will also have a look at the issue. As soon as we have any news, we’ll post them here.

Sounds great!

I’ll check in often and be more than willing to help troubleshoot in any way I can.

This is what I have received from development:

"1) Confirm if the firmware has been surely updated. It can be confirmed in SETUP display on CL hardware. The firmware version must be MAIN V1.11/SUB V1.12.

  1. Confirm if the network cable is not damaged or broken. It might worth trying to exchange the cable.

  2. It might be necessary to initialize internal memory of CL hardware. Turning on the device while pressing STORE and INC buttons on the hardware. Please make sure it reverts the hardware to factory setting. It might be necessary to backup the settings if necessary beforehand."

Thanks a lot for tracking this!

I have a very slight increase in success in that I’ve managed to make “0:00:00:00” (or something) appear in both the “Project Time” and “Record Time Max” fields on the console screen. This only happened once, though, and didn’t do anything other than just sit there. The numbers didn’t move when starting playback and no buttons on the console screen do anything.

After opening/closing/rebooting and moving things around I can’t recreate this (the “0:00:00:00”-counters appearing). Audio is still being passed between Nuendo and the console just fine.

I did:

  • confirm that the firmware is 1.11 and sub 1.12.
  • swap network cable.
  • initialize the console by holding down Store and Inc while powering up (and it did erase everything).

Just a wild guess. Are you using the correct network cable.
Normal/twisted. (Dunno which one is required though)


All input is welcome - also wild guesses :wink:

I’m using straight cables, and everything (audio and patching) is working exactly as it should - it’s just the Nuendo <> console integration that is sleeping.


Speaking of wild guesses - I just made one: Disabled Windows’ firewall.

As simple as that. In my experience it usually gives a notice when a program wants something, and it did when installing and running the Dante Virtual Soundcard, but I haven’t seen anything later on, when trying to use the CL-integration.

Anyway - problem solved! Thanks to all who participated!

Probably a good idea to include this advice with the products involved…(if it isn’t already :blush: - in that case: larger print!)

It’s flakey. Hopefully Yamaha and Steinberg get together and sort this out.

See here for more details.

Hi all,

I have the same Problem with the firmaware update on my CL5 (3.10)

The transoport of nuendo live does not appears on the CL5.

Fortunately, the audio works fine.

Ideas ?