CL5 patching to Dante network

I am hoping someone here can help me. I am running Nuendo Live through my Dante Virtual Soundcard on a Macbook Pro and a Yamaha CL5 console.

I am unable to patch into the Dante network from my CL5. I can receive all 64 channels via my two RIO boxes, but when trying to patch from the CL5 as a source (selected as transmitter in the Dante Controller) I receive a red circle with a line though it - the international symbol for “not allowed”…

Any ideas? Your help is much appreciated in advance.


Macbook Pro: 10.10.5
CL5: v3.10 - Dante: 1.2.2
DVS: v3.7.1
Dante Controller: v3.5.6.1
Nuendo Live: v1.1.1.15

I don’t think the console can be used as a transmitter. Are you trying to patch back through it?

To help bring a little closure to the thread, I was able to get it to work as I had originally tried. I had to remove several channels from the Dante Controller matrix until it would accept the CL5 as a transmitter. I’m not sure why, but once that was done, it worked fine.

You can use the CL5 as a transmitter - it appears in the Dante Transmitter expandable list when the console is online - and it behaved just like the RIO boxes. On the console, I assigned the Dante network on the direct outs of each channel I wanted to grab, ultimately a mix of RIO inputs and CL5 outputs.

Thanks for responding - any information we can get out there is a help, I think. Generally, I find the documentation between Steinberg and Yamaha to be frustratingly incomplete.

I know it’s is an older thread but I’m pretty sure I know whats going on. The trick with Dante patching is paying attention the the number of flows being used. For a channel of audio to go from one device to another, it uses one of the available flows on each device. A flow can hold up to 4 channels of audio if i remember correctly, so 4 channels from one device to another takes a single flow, but one channel from one device and one channel from a second device both to the same receiver will take 2 flows on the receiver. Most Dante devices have plenty of flows that it’s rarely an issue, and if a device runs out of transmit flows using multicast can help with that. The problem is DVS has exactly enough flows for all 64 channels if it’s maxed out. So 62 channels from 2 32 channel rios and then the last 2 coming from the console won’t work. Turning off enough channels that were patched until you freed up a flow would be why you were able to get audio from the cl to finally connect. For large channel count systems my opinion is it’s better to move to one of the dante pcie cards if possible.