CLA Vocals Plugin Won't Open in Cubase 11 Pro

I have several plugins from Waves and I have activated all of them on my PC in the Waves Central utility. Half the time, None of my Waves VST Plugins SHowup in my inserts list. Then I go and reinstall and activate them all via Waves Central, restart Cubase and they show up, but will not load into the DAW. They are in the ENABLED list and not the blocklist or blacklist. I need my Waves plugins for recording. What can I do? I have never had this issue back with Cubase 9.5 Elements. But with Pro 11, I am getting many issues.

Hi, I’m using Cubase Pro 11.0.20 on Win10 1909 with Waves 12. I have the CLA bundle and Diamond and a few others. I don’t have any trouble with any of the plugins. The only thing from Waves that I have trouble with is the instrument Electric Grand 80 which crashes Cubase. I can load the CLA Vocals and it works fine, as do all the others.

You might want to try using the Repair function in Waves Central under settings. I would also probably run the Fix Permissions and Ownership. If those two don’t work, run the Complete Waves Cleanup which will uninstall everything and you can then reinstall.