CLA Vocals

I bought this on the Waves site ($29) some time ago but only got around to installing it today. To see if it was as good as Chris Lord-Alge’s demo I used it on a very simple song: a cover of Bookends from Simon and Garfunkel.

I thought the vocals were already good as far as the mix goes, but this really added something to it.

Hear for yourself. Both links are a 15 second clip from the same part of the song.


Well worth the $29 in my opinion.

Have to download to hear?

(If so … maybe Soundcloud instead?)

Yeah, Larry, is it ok to download? It doesn’t play in the player.

Yeah, absolutely okay to download. Doesn’t the link let you do it?

Also, why won’t it play in your browser? It plays in Chrome for me.

Don’t know why it doesn’t play in the browser. I have Chrome too. Maybe because it’s sampled at 96K? Anyway, I downloaded the samples, and played them in VLC (because of the 96K). First thing I noticed is that in the CLA version, the vocals are louder. Second thing I noticed is that the CLA version has some sort of phasiness, which is not a word I think, but I’m not sure how to describe. Some sort of artifacts of the processing, I guess. I never record vocals (at least not yet), so I don’t really have an opinion on which is better. If you like it, I like it!

Played well on the iPad and I like it as well. Considering the cost…very nice find. Agree with “phaseiness”

The “phasiness” may be due to the fact that I discovered after the fact that I downmixed in mono. I can redo it in stereo if you’re curious to see whether it goes away or not. Let me know.

It’s a 192kbps MP3. Not sure why you’re saying it’s sampled at 96kHz. All of my projects are 44.1kHz/24-bit.

Also, the difference in loudness was due to the fact that, using the VST, I pushed the treble and bass of the vocal tracks. As a result, the perceived loudness increased. I pulled back on the faders, but it was a guess to see if I got it to the same level as the original.

Yeah, my mistake, it’s 192kbps. I could play the samples in VLC. Probably I have a player associated with Chrome that can’t play samples at that rate.

Could you guys be mistaking the siblance in the vocals for phasiness? If that’s the case, the background vocals should de-ssed hard. Background vocals should be more focused on vowels as opposed to consonants reason being is that if the consonants don’t line up perfectly, it can be very noticeable

Read my reply two posts above yours, Tom. I downmixed the clips in mono like an idiot. The VST has a spreader built into it, so this is undoubtedly responsible for the phase problems everyone is hearing.


Off topic: thought I’d stop by and visit. Great website, loved your music and you are quite a prolific musician. I really did enjoy it !

I’m nobody without Melodyne (haha!) and lots of very talented friends who have guested on my songs. They get the real credit, but thank you so much for taking the time to write that. :slight_smile: