CLAP support?

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I’m sure that you have all read about it: CLAP: The New Audio Plug-in Standard | Bitwig

While personally, I don’t see any benefit in reinventing the wheel and while I think VST3 and AU are well established standards, I’d like to hear your opinion because I have already been asked about it by customers. Can we expect a CLAP wrapper to be added to the VST SDK at some point?

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I hope so.


You mean a VST3 wrapper for CLAP? I think u-he are already doing that, it won’t fall on Steinberg to do it.

See here: CLAP: The New Audio Plug-in Standard (by U-he, Bitwig and others) - Page 6 - Hosts & Applications (Sequencers, DAWs, Audio Editors, etc.) Forum - KVR Audio

I mean the other way around, a wrapper that renders a CLAP plugin from a VST3 implementation. Imho this should be on Steinberg, just like they included wrappers for AAX, IAA, AU and VST2 (no offense).
I have implemented wrappers myself on-top of the VST2 API (AAX and AUv2) back when I was with Black Rooster Audio, so I know it’s not rocket science…I’m just trying to find out whether there are plans/whether there’s demand and who would be responsible.


Quite the ‘discussion’ happening here:

A shot across Steinberg’s VST3 bow