A shot across Steinberg's VST3 bow?

Just saw this from Bitwig/u-He:

CLAP: The New Audio Plugin Standard

Will this be supported in Cubase any time soon I wonder?

I’ll post what I did in the other thread

Personally, I think “Open Source” is a bit overrated and over hyped, a buzzword, it’s a sort of oasis technological ideology that in theory sounds great, but probably isn’t very realistic and will have development issues, end user issues, stagnated development, lack of development cohesion, etc.

Just look at how difficult it was for Steinberg to get people to get over VST2 and move on.

I much prefer designed consistency. I don’t care if something is open source, it makes no difference to me as the end user. I just want it to work, and VST works. How are they going to gain that market?

I don’t see it progressing beyond “boutique” DAWs.


You mean like Linux and Android, the open source operating systems?

Sure, they’ll never catch on…


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False equivalencies… And, I remember in grade 9 the smartest kid in the class was talking about Linux way back then - and, it hasn’t caught on that much. Not much has changed.

Android is administered by Google, need I go further?


LOL! :smile:

Walk down the street and ask people if they know what Linux is, tell me how you do.


How about supporting CLAP in Cubase?

Bitwig and u-he are excited to announce CLAP (CLever Audio Plug-in API), the new open standard for audio plug-ins and hosts. CLAP offers modern features, innate stability, and rapid support for plug-in and host developers. And since it’s open source and liberally licensed, CLAP is a safe bet for the future.

i asked some developers friends about that, short answer : waste of time.
if adopted, JUCE extension will be used.
“we need VST GUI” :wink:

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Yeeehhhhh , lets regress to UAD 1 .

read vst3 then :wink:

VSTGUI works just fine with CLAP. :wink:

The whole internet runs on Linux and other open source software. It definitely has “caught on”. Apple and Microsoft are amongst the biggest open source contributors. VST3 by the way is (partly) open source :wink:
Sure, Linux on Desktop has failed to really threaten the dominance of Windows and MacOS, and I suspect that won’t change soon.

The purpose of CLAP is to have a proper successor to VST2, overcome some of the limitations of VST3 and, most importantly, have a plugin standard that is not completely dependent upon big corporations (Apple, Avid, Yamaha) with their sometimes erratic behavior and non-developer and non-consumer friendly politics.

Now you could argue that something like this already exists in the form of LV2, and that is not completely wrong. I think that Clap has a better chance on success than LV2, though, with more support from outside the Linux world.

And it will be supported by Bitwig and most likely Reaper, too, which are not really “boutique” DAWs, i guess with a bigger user base than Cubase…


I like clap, I had a look at the header files on github, and even as a non C-programmer it kind of made sense to me. Can’t say that about VST3 :wink:

It’s also probably running most transit systems. It’s irrelevant, because it’s a false equivalency. We’re talking about a direct to user plugin format, not a background server system nobody opted into and hardly anyone knows about.

I’m well versed on Linux and what it is and where it is used. We’re talking about a direct to user product format that depends on the user opting in to use it. If Linux didn’t exist, Androids would run on something else and no one would know the difference. In this case, the codebase is Linux, CLAP is Android, and a CLAP plugin is the phone or maybe app.

VST3 is the proper successor to VST2. From what I can see, VST3 can pretty much already do everything CLAP is offering, and in the niche areas it doesn’t… Steinberg can just add that to the VST format and then… There’s no need for CLAP… It’s a waste of time. They are going up against Yamaha resources who can just copy anything CLAP does negating its need.

There’s really no need for more plugin formats, it just makes things more convoluted.


MOTU tried this with MAS.

I don’t want any CLAP, I run a clean ship here. LOL. Besides, the meds are expensive for it


Finally! I had to wait all morning for that joke!

As far as the format goes, we’ll know whether it succeeds in about 10 years.


The thread title just took on a hole new meaning.

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Easy hole in one

Exactly. Why do people constantly forget how slow the audio software is to adopt new stuff?

Although I must admit that Urs’ fans are doing a mighty good job of trying to bring the new religion to everyone.


It has rust bindings and that is cool. But I think it might be a good idea to build the hole system in rust.