Clarett 8 Prex No Input Names.

Cubase 11 Pro on Mac Catalina here. Doesn’t show my Clarett 8 Prex input names properly when adding an Audio track. It shows only Focusrite Thunderbolt 1,2,3 and etc… That’s quite annoying. Please fix it. It wasn’t like that with 10.5, 10, 9.5 and 9 Pro.


My guess the names are provided by the OS (or the Audio Device driver).

I don’t think so. We’re talking about one Mac with two instances of MacOS Catalina. One of it got 10.5 to 11 upgrade, no issues there. The other is a clean install of 11. Here’s the problem. Same Mac , same OS, one problematic.


OK, now I understand. There is another thread here on the forum, which described exactly the same issue with UAD device.

It has been reported to Steinberg already. (Sorry, for the first reading, it didn’t connect to the “UAD thread” in my head.)