Did they move the creative section (made with) to this part of the forum? I see music posts, but it’s pretty annoying to sift down the list and pages if that is indeed what they have done. Hello once again to the regular posters of that section (the only section I ever posted in.)

Hello, thanks for coming back! In the old days, these forums were combined. If I had any music to post (composing drought) I would have no issues with putting it in here. But see Kenny’s topic! Hope you’ll give us some new music.

I only posted in that forum as well but yes they did move it… I guess most of us have taken to putting [music] in our titles if appropriate - hopefully we have another sub-forum again :neutral_face:

I agree! putting [Music] in the subject title is such an uncivilised and immoral act that it’s terrible people have to do that. I suggest complaining to the UN Human Rights body.