Clarify repeated bar

What would currently be the best way in Dorico to help my second violin player count these 14 repeated bars? (Not using bar repeats, which to my knowledge are not common in classical music for string players)

I don’t want to manually center text objects with bar numbers every time I change something in the music and make them transparent in the full score etc etc.

I tried adding 2 cues in this screenshot, does that look chaotic or is that very clear? Players may not expect cues during their own notes…

So this is more of a general music notation question, taking into account Dorico’s current feature set.

Thank you in advance.

Assuming you’re not going to use the bar repeat function at all in this project, see for my workaround.

Thank you I’ll immediately look into your idea.

(I did try to find threads about this subject but apparently did not do very well. I appreciate that you found it by remembering your usage of the word ‘chuffed’ which is highlighted in your linked page :smiley: )

I’m really smiling now, brilliant.