Clarinets transpose incorrectly in parts

I’m hitting some strange issues with transposition in dorico 3.5.

Bass clarinet parts are transposed incorrectly- up 8ve+m3. Should be 8ve + M2.

The Eb Clarinet is weird also. It is transposing down a maj 3rd.

This is a really bad problem! And at a really bad time. Not too dependable for real work yet. Is there a way to quickly change this?

Without seeing your project it’s hard to know what’s causing it, but I would suggest first going into Setup mode and selecting the instrument cards underneath the relevant Player in the LH panel, and choose “Change Instrument” (see screen shot).

Then select the correct instrument again - make sure it’s Bass Clarinet in Bb and not the one in A.

If that doesn’t work you could try creating a new player with the correct instruments and copying the music into it.

[EDIT - as @notesetter has suggested below, this sounds like an XML import problem. I’ve yet to find a situation where an import didn’t require a certain amount of cleaning up, and that has less to do with Dorico than with MusicXML and how other apps deal with it. It’s useful to get into the habit of resetting all your instruments manually in this way before you get into editing, as this will almost certainly save you from other problems down the line.]

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Go into Setup mode. In the instrument list on the left, click the arrow at the left of the Bass Clarinet tab, then click the arrow at the right of the name that appears. Choose Change Instrument and change to Bb Bass Clarinet. Do the same for the Eb Clarinet. At some point in your process, the transpositions were messed up. Not the fault of the software or you. Perhaps an XML import?