Classical instrument sounds for saxophone

Hi. Can I ask for any suggestions what you guys are using for classical saxophone sounds on playback? Are you using sounds like SWAM? What is the best to get for saxophones and flutes, and are they easy to configure for use in Dorico?

Many Thanks

I actually like very much noteperformer saxophones - also because microtonal playback works so effortlessly with them. But perhaps you were already aware of this option. I’m interested to hear what others might suggest!

Yeah the sax gets no respect (I’m a clarinet player so am also a lay saxophonist). I too would like to write in some sax parts just to thumb my nose at convention but haven’t found a good library. VSL has it of course but I’m not willing to spend the bucks for that, if I had time I’d sample myself and do a freebie.

Here’s a short comparison of the alto sounds I own for anyone interested. It’s the opening section of the Ibert. VSL and NotePerformer use the default VST reverb, no mixer reverb. Halion and JABB use the Steinberg REVerence Austrian Concert Hall reverb in the mixer.

VSL SYNCHRON-ized SE Vol 2 plus



Garritan JABB uses aftertouch vibrato which Dorico doesn’t support, so it’s not really great for classical use within Dorico, but here are the 3 alto samples anyway.

Alto 1

Alto 2

Alto 3

… and for reference, here’s Delangle: